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Tanzania 75% dark chocolat tablet

Welcome to Tanzania, nestled on Africa's east coast. Our 75% dark chocolate Tanzanian tablet pairs the tang of chocolate with a rich, smooth mouthfeel and offers subtle flavours typical of Tanzanian plantations: black currant and raspberry. Toasted and bitter round out this incredible voyage of flavour.

Our single Origin collection invites you visit Africa, South America and the Caribbean throught these grand cru chocolate tablets.

Each single Origin tablet is handmade using premium cocoa from selected plantations, offering you total immersion in a rich universe of flavours.

Fruity, toasted, tangy, spicy, woody, floral... We hope you discover a whole new, or a very ancient, world withnin each bite.



Cocoa, cocoa butter, sugar, soy lecithin, vanilla bean.


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Hand Crafted

Each bite is hand-concocted with the greatest finesse by Joane L’heureux and her artisans.

Product of Quebec

Chocolates made in Montreal.