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Carré garni white chocolate and almonds

Because ecstasy loves company, our Carrés garnis collection marries the rich, pure taste of chocolate with fine ingredients that bring out all the subtleties of the flavour profile: fleur de sel, cocoa nibs, crystallized ginger, almonds, Hazelnut...

Each tablet is crafted from chocolate of the highest quality and garnished with carefully chosen ingredients to offer a unique taste experience.

Looking to discover chocolate in its purest form? Then be sure to explore our Single Origin collection as well, featuring chocolate from some of the world's most exclusive plantations.


Swiss white chocolate (cocoa butter, sugar, powdered milk, soy lecithin, vanilla) ans roasted almonds.

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Hand Crafted

Each bite is hand-concocted with the greatest finesse by Joane L’heureux and her artisans.

Product of Quebec

Chocolates made in Montreal.