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Ruby Gourmet Square

Enter a unique world of taste where the much sought-after pink ruby b1 chocolate blends perfectly with fruity and crunchy notes to create this succulent Ruby Gourmet Square. This little pink delight offers an ideal combination of pink strawberry and white chocolate with pecans and cranberries, producing a truly delicious burst of flavours. Treat yourself with this delicious Ruby Gourmet Square, or offer it as a sweet gift to a loved one. A pure delight for your taste buds!


White chocolate (cocoa butter, milk, sugar, soy lecithin), cookies (wheat flour, sugar, palm oil, wheat starch, salt, lecithin, chocolate, flavouring) and strawberry flavour.

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  • Box dimension: 10 x 10 x 5 in

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Hand Crafted

Each bite is hand-concocted with the greatest finesse by Joane L’heureux and her artisans.

Product of Quebec

Chocolates made in Montreal.